JR-News-photo2The U.S. Science Support builds and maintains the IODP research community by sharing news and resources about IODP and related opportunities using a variety of outreach tools. Please consider subscribing to the IODP listserv, subscribing to Ocean Leadership’s weekly newsletter which includes regular updates on IODP expeditions and events, downloading the most recent copy of the U.S. IODP community newsletter, Core Discoveries, reading articles about our researchers in the press, and exploring ways to create new collaborations with your colleagues. This section of our site also contains valuable resources for sharing your research with students – resources include a Primer on scientific ocean drilling, and IODP slides for your next presentation.


IODP offers numerous avenues for members of the scientific community to become involved with the program. First, if you are interested in IODP research, we highly recommend you sign-up for the US-IODP listserve. The listserve is used by the U.S. Science Support Program and the U.S. Implementing Organization to announce news and opportunities of interest to the U.S. IODP community. Below are ways you can participate in IODP research, data collection, and program policy:

  • request DSDP/ODP/IODP data to use in your research
  • participate in pre-cruise planning (e.g., attend or convene a workshop, pre-drilling research)
  • apply to sail on an IODP expedition
  • volunteer to serve on a committee of the Science Advisory Structure
  • volunteer to serve on the U.S. Advisory Committee for Scientific Ocean Drilling
  • participate in preparing a drilling proposal
  • share your discoveries with scientists, educators, and students


Hundreds of the world’s preeminent scientists participate in IODP expeditions and use ocean drilling data to investigate climate change history, geodynamics and solid Earth cycles, and the deep biosphere. On these pages, we provide highlights of recent research, data access information, funding for research planning (workshop and pre-drilling activities), and funding for graduate student research (Schlanger Ocean Drilling Fellowships).


USSSP is committed to helping share and promote scientific ocean drilling discoveries to the academic community, the public, educators, students, decision makers, and funding agencies. To this end, USSSP supports a broad range of public engagement initiatives including the Distinguished Lecturer Series, which introduces IODP scientists to universities and museums across the U.S. every year, and Deep Earth Academy programming, which includes education events and materials for elementary through graduate student audiences. We are available to help you share your discoveries, brainstorm your broader impact statements, to prepare you for interviews with the press, and to help incorporate your science into your classrooms or next public science event.